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        Para Light has Launched the Next Generation Lighting Solution-Eco Friendly LED T8 Light Tubes

        Para Light has launched the LED T8 light tubes for commercial and residential use. Para Light provided green lighting solution at the lowest cost to replace the traditional fluorescent T8 light tubes. Compared to traditional fluorescent tubes, the LED T8 light tubes is extremely low in power consumption with 8/12/16W for 60/90/120cm light tubes.

        Para Light LED T8 light tubes use aluminum heat-sink for good heat dissipation. It has consisted luminescence efficiency with long life span. The cover is made of PC plastic for better safety compare to traditional glass T8 tubes. It is also free of toxic mercury.

        You can install the LED T8 light tube easily in the G13 traditional light tube standard socket. It features no-glare, no-multi-shadow and UV-free lighting. The LED T8 light tubes provided 650~1,500lm harmless lighting. Para Light is persistent to strive for comfortable and green LED lighting.

        For information about LED T8 light tubes, please contact us at¡Gpara@para.com.tw

        About Para Light
        Para Light, is a leading LED packaging manufacturer and lighting solution provider in Taiwan. Para Light offers a diverse product portfolio such as LED outdoor/indoor lighting solutions and LED components, including high power LED, LED lamp, LED Display, SMD LED and IR LED to satisfy customer demands. Established 1987, Para Light persists to strive for advance LED technology. Para Light is a global company with branches in US, Korea, NanJing and lianYunGang in China.

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        PARA LIGHT NANJING ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. NO.1,Tangquan West Road,TangShang Town,NanJing China
        TEL:86-025-84107685 FAX:86-025-84107684 E-mail:sales@paralight.cn